Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition...

While just by joining RHA you have already taken a step towards furthering your success, we also have a couple of programs that will help set you apart from your competition. The sooner you commit to reaching your goals, the more fruitful your experience (and exposure) will be.

RHA’s Road to Success

Many of RHA’s membership events offer your company a chance to increase awareness of the product or service you offer. Unlike other forms of advertising, sponsorship allows you to be just one of a few. Instead of being one company out of a hundred in your field, sponsorship makes you the headliner!

Road to Success Sponsors Brochure | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA We at RHA are dedicated to providing quality events for our members. They serve as a platform for networking as well as a way to receive the necessary education on how to run their rental business they so crave.

When your company commits to $1000 or more throughout the year, you become part of RHA’s Road to Success Program. What does that do for you? We are glad you asked.

  • Travel with RHA wherever we go. Your company logo will be on signage at every RHA event.

  • Featured in every edition of UPDATE Newspaper.
    Your company logo will be in the Road to Success Sponsorship section of every paper. In addition, under each of your listings in the vendor directory, it will say “Road to Success Sponsor”.

  • Many sponsorship levels will include podium time. We’ll be sure to let our members know that you are part of our Road to Success.

  • By committing to our program, you have made it clear that you find the rental housing industry an important one, and thereby gain credibility with our membership.

RHA Goldstar Vendow Award - Earn a Goldstar in Excellence! | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA

Members Choice Goldstar Vendor Program

Being a Goldstar Vendor is not easy! This status is earned and cannot be bought and paid for. While vendor members pay dues to belong to RHA, the Goldstar endorsement is an achievement that will set you to a higher standard of excellence.

Once you have earned the title of Goldstar Vendor, you will be promoted through RHA’s various publications, including UPDATE Newspaper with each of your listings, as well as receiving recognition at our Annual Gathering.

Download the Goldstar Vendor Application today to get started.

In order to become a Goldstar Vendor you must:

  • Be a member for at least two years in good standing;

  • Fill out an application and submit two letters of recommendation from fellow RHA members;

  • Have established and proven business practices including being in good standing with all applicable state organizations (including proper licensing);

  • Be interviewed by the Bylaws, Ethics & Grievances Committee.

Bravo Roofing, Inc Logo | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA
CMB Logo | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA
Michelle Broderson Logo | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA

To be considered, you should have participated with RHA in some way. See below for ideas of how to get involved and start working towards your Goldstar status:

  • Help recruit new members;

  • Support RHA through sponsorship or advertising in RHA’s publications or website

  • Participate on a committee;

  • Attend RHA events;

  • Write articles for UPDATE Newspaper.