Operational Needs for those Managing Residential Rental Property

A Property Management Membership with the Rental Housing Association of Washington affords you the opportunity to utilize RHAWA's member services for your day-to-day operational needs. This membership is for licensed individuals and companies who provide management services to residential rental housing providers in the State of Washington.


Benefits and Opportunities

  • Rental Forms and Contracts
    When laws change so do our forms. Members have unlimited access to RHAWA forms, ensuring you stay current with rental industry standards.

  • Tenant Screening
    Finding a quality tenant has never been easy! Let RHAWA set your mind at ease by verifying that application information for a future tenant is valid. RHAWA will provide you with a thorough background investigation from credit and criminal records, to civil records and much more.

  • Increase Your Industry Knowledge
    Take advantage or RHAWA’s robust educational program. Learn the latest and best information on: financial management, forms, legal issues, rental property operations, government relations, and so much more!

  • Government Advocacy
    We work for a favorable outcome to legislation that will promote the rental housing industry and we strive to protect the rental housing provider. We have a team of dedicated lobbyists, staff and members who work tirelessly on behalf of the rental housing industry.

  • Be Informed
    Depend on us for the latest information regarding the rental housing industry. RHAWA's monthly newspaper, Current and our Resource Directory provide you with timely information. Within RHAWA there is a wealth of information to be shared. These resources will help you find what you are looking for.

  • Committees
    One of the greatest things about belonging to an association is that you can be actively involved and volunteer on a committee. RHAWA offers a number of different committees to choose from where you can increase your awareness of laws and regulations, hone your skills and develop a peer-to-peer network. Our committees serve as a vehicle for industry partners to work alongside each other to help RHAWA achieve its objectives.

  • Members Only Access
    Many of the resources you need are available right at your fingertips. RHAWA works to ensure that our website is consistently up to date with the information you need to successfully manage your business. You can view and sign up for upcoming events, access RHAWA's forms, as well as manage your RHAWA membership just by logging in.

  • Notary Public Service
    If you need to find a reliable, convenient notary, look no further than RHAWA. We make it easy for you. Our notary can assist you with every step of the process and can notarize all your important documents. Contact us with questions or schedule an appointment.

Membership Rate

Dues are based on your company's Annual Gross Income (AGI)


  • AGI is less than $200,000 / $290 flat rate

  • AGI is more than $200,000 / $395 flat rate