In addition to RHA’s robust educational program, throughout any given month we also have multiple opportunities to enhance your knowledge and meet fellow members. We pride ourselves on offering something for everyone. Whether a more structured event is your thing, or you prefer an informal setting, our calendar is chalk full of occasions to interact.

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Membership Meetings

Nearly every month, RHA hosts some sort of membership meeting. We try to hold them in different parts of the state so that members from each corner can attend. Many of our membership meetings are hosted at one of our Associate Vendor’s locations. They usually contain time for networking as well as an educational piece. Additionally, we host more specialized membership meetings annually and include our Economic Forecast Breakfast, Member Appreciation Night, the Annual Gathering and our Spring Workshop & Tradeshow.

Orange Bar | Rental Housing Association | Seattle, WA

Social Events

It can’t be all work and no play, right? Every few months, we try to host an event for our membership that is purely social in nature. Maybe you feel like joining us at the ballpark in the summer for a friendly game of softball and a potluck? Or perhaps, getting dressed ‘to the nines’ and attending our Holiday Gala at the top of the Columbia Tower sounds like a fun night out. These events are always well attended and lots of fun – and we hope to see you at one of them soon!

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Supper Clubs

Our Supper Clubs were a concept that we tossed around our conference room table. We knew our members were hungry for both education and networking and needed another outlet. Thus, RHA’s Supper Clubs were born. These meetings are completely informal and hosted by volunteers. We have a different topic each time and we encourage our members to share their experiences. They also provide a great opportunity to learn from industry peers as well! We host six ‘clubs’ each month. Our locations include: Seattle, Eastside, Snohomish County, South Sound, Ellensburg and Moses Lake. Be sure to check our event calendar online or look at your current issue of UPDATE to see when the next one is near you!

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We know you are taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend a social function. Why not make the most of it? Here are few tips to keep in mind:

  • Arrive to function on time.

  • Turn your cellphone ringer to vibrate or silent and refrain from texting / e-mailing during meetings if it can be avoided.

  • Introduce yourself to RHA registration staff and key persons in the organization.

  • Wear your name badge on right side so it’s visible when you are shaking hands.

  • Shake hands – greet everyone you can.

  • Bring business cards to share on request. Keep in mind, most often someone has paid to sponsor an event so it is not always appropriate.

  • Avoid two people deep conversations as it is easier to approach a party of three or more.

  • Keep conversation casual. No one likes an aggressive sales pitch.

  • Let people talk about themselves. Ask open-ended questions. You will be amazed what you can learn.

  • Be supportive of vendors and suppliers. They can also be potential friends, referrals and clients.

  • Show up. Be present. Be engaged. Be interested.