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RHA's OnTAP© Application - Online Screening Made Easy!

RHA's taking our Tenant Screening Service into the 21st century with OnTAP© - Online Tenant Application Process - the easiest way to have your applicants fill out their rental application!

OnTAP© Product Benefits:

  • Online access creating a professional presence - individual application page linked to your own personalized account.
  • Hyperlink can be attached to your website, or sent in an e-mail.
  • Online Application - a fillable professional webpage entry form.
  • You can have applicants fill out their application online - taking the guess work out of reading a hand written application. No more retyping data or incorrect data input.
  • Accurate data - The new process will reduce the risk of data entry errors; the information from the application will be pulled right into the tenant screening processing system.
  • Powerful digital signatures - PDF digital signatures capture the intent of the user, their IP address, the date time, and a created encryption key from Adobe.
  • No need to handle the application processing fee! Your applicant will be able to pay the screening fee directly to RHA with a credit card at the time that they fill out the application. If the credit card declines the charge, the application will not be processed; if the payment goes through they will be provided a receipt of payment. Flat rate of $45.


How to screen online or take advantage of this product?

In order to use the online application for tenancy and online tenant screening, you must: 

  • Be an active RHA member
  • Be Full Credit Certified - complete the certification to obtain RHA's Full Credit Reports for tenant screening - provide all of the federally mandated credentialing documentation as well as complete an onsite inspection of your home or rental office.


How OnTAP© Works

  • Provide your applicant with a link to the application for tenancy.
  • The applicant fills out and signs the application.
  • Once they have completed the application they will be prompted to provide their credit card for payment for the application processing.
  • Moments after they submit their application and payment you will receive an email notifying you that the application has been submitted and is ready to be pushed through for processing.
  • You will be able to login to your tenant screening account, view or print the application, and submit it for tenant screening.
  • If there are any records that RHA needs to manually verify (portions of the report are "pending"), please let the tenant screening department know so we can complete the report:
  • Do NOT resubmit the order.