The Rental Housing Association prides itself on being able to provide you with the most current and up-to-date information possible. The rental housing environment is constantly changing and we do our best to make sure you have all the facts needed to make educated business decisions.

  • UPDATE Newspaper
    Every month, RHA produces the high quality, industry leading newspaper, UPDATE. In each edition, you will find information about how to best run your rental business. From current rental market information and property maintenance tips, to best practice guidance and ask the expert columns, this publication is one to hold on to. You can opt to have your newspaper emailed to you each month if you so choose.

  • Annual Resource Directory
    This is the go-to manual for RHA members looking for products and services. Every January, we produce our resource directory. In here, you will find listings for each and every one of our Associate Vendor members as well as information about all of the benefits of membership. If you are considering purchasing rental property, be sure to look here first so that you can learn more about each individual jurisdiction. Different cities have different laws pertaining to crime free registration, inspections programs and business licensing requirements. Utility pricing and billing also changes from town to town. This is a great resource – use it!

  • RHA Lawbook
    This is the ‘bible’ of rental housing. In our lawbook you will find everything you need to know to ensure you are following Washington State’s landlord tenant law. When laws change, so does the book! Taking the time to read through it just may save you in the long run.

  • Best of Benis
    Attorney, Chris Benis, is one of Washington’s most recognized and leading real estate attorneys. RHA is fortunate to have him as our legal counsel and a volunteer. He regularly writes articles for our newspaper (and teaches classes). Our Best of Benis series is a compilation of all his articles in one convenient place.